5 in Ohio the 1,600 (5:00.57).Sammy Bockoven, Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy: A state champion last year in the 1,600, she has Division II’s best time in the event this year (4:57.25).Frances Bull, Lake Catholic: She is one of only three runners to break 56 seconds in the 400 (55.81), and is No. 10 in Ohio in the 200 (25.09).Diamond Cummings, Cleveland JFK: The senior is tied for eighth in the state in the 100 (12.20) and won the Senate Athletic League championship in the event.Emmarie Foote, Twinsburg: She has the area’s fastest time in the 200 (24.85) and is tied for No. 15 in Ohio in the 100 (12.28).Simone Green, Buchtel: The senior is No.

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